Iotine Core 2



3-layer saturation processor

Iotine Core 2 Layout

Iotine Core 2 Block Layout

The IOTINE CORE is a full analog audio processor that is typically used to thicken and or shape mono audio signals.

The IC can be used with 1 to 3 inputs, and with 1 to 3 outputs.  The IC features three separate processing layers that each include a 12db voltage controlled filter, voltage controlled amplifier, and a collection of saturation circuits.

Two audio triggered analog envelopes are used to modulate the VCFs and VCAs resulting in a dynamic modulation that reacts to the source audio.   Both normal and inverse modulation is available allowing, for instance both expanding and compressing options with the VCA.

The two main channels each feature 6 saturation circuits with variable DRIVE which alters sound thickness through analog overdrive, distortion, and wave-shaping techniques for a total of 14 separate analog saturation circuits including OCT and DIV in the POST section.

The 3U layout offers a spacious and intuitive control panel that features analog control over all circuits for a quality user experience.



Channels 1 & 2 are analog processing strips that feature a VCF, VCA, and collection of saturation circuits.


  • The IOTINE CORE 2 contains two audio triggered analog envelopes that feature a distinctively smooth movement and respond dynamically to the triggering audio signal.
  • The envelopes are used to modulate 2 VCF and 3 VCA.
  • Flexible envelope time response results from the combination of the three time controls (HOLD, ATTACK, RELEASE), as well as the THRESH trigger level.
  • A 4 segment LED displays the output level from the envelope and is used as a visual reference of the modulation output.
  • The envelopes can select from either input (IN1 ,IN2) or the EXT input.
  • Audio or analog gate signals can be used at any one of the three inputs to trigger the envelopes

Input Source

  • The audio source for the channel can select between IN1 and IN2 corresponding to the 1/4″ inputs.

Input Volume

  • The input volume control feeds the VCF circuit and features a 2 segment LED level display.

Voltage Controlled Filter

  • The 12db multimode VCF allows for static or dynamic frequency shaping with LP/BP/HP outputs.
  • The VCF features a limiting Q design where the input volume control affects the Q quality along with the Q control.
  • Frequency modulation of the VCF is available from either envelope in both normal and inverse slopes.


  • Each channel has one dry path and 6 SAT circuits with variable drive.
  • The SATs range from simple, few component circuits to multistage/multi chip designs that offer overdrive, distortion, and waveshaping circuits.
  • The saturation amount is set with the DRIVE control and can be used in a range from lightly colored to heavily distorted depending on the drive amount and SAT circuit.

Voltage Controlled Amplifier

  • The Channel strip ends with a VCA and volume level control. The VCA offers normal and inverse modulation from either envelope, allowing the options of gating, expanding and compression.
  • NOTE: The three processing layers; Channels 1&2 and POST can be used with separate sound sources or with the same audio source.


The POST layer offers an EQ style filter, VCA, and two saturation options.

Input Source

  • The audio source for POST can select between IN1, IN2, EXT, or in series with the CH1 SAT or CH2 SAT.


  • 12db EQ style filter with LP/BP/HP outputs.  This can be used for further filtering or EQing of CH1 or 2, or with its own audio input.


  • 3-way slider switch selects between the filter, a division circuit between channels, or an octave generator.

Voltage Controlled Amplifier

  • POST ends with a VCA and volume level control. The VCA offers normal and inverse modulation from either envelope, allowing the options of gating, expanding and compression.



  • Two-1/4″ balanced/unbalanced (IN 1/2)
  • One-1/4″ unbalanced (EXT)


  • Four-1/4″ balanced/unbalanced (CH 1/2, POST, MIX)
Rack Mount and Tabletop Usage:

The IOTINE CORE can be mounted in a 3U rack mount space. Alternatively the angled case and feet allow for tabletop usage.

  • Width: 19 in (48.25 cm)
  • Height: 5.25 in (13.33 cm)
  • Weight: 9 lbs (4 kg)
  • 90-264 VAC (47-63 HZ)

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POST as sub

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Individual Patching

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As signal shaper / router

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Cross triggering between channels

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